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This website brings together news, opinion, and events from around the web, of interest to those who advocate for improved passenger rail service in the United States.

This site is operated by a group of private citizens. We are not connected to any other site or organization. We do, however, encourage visitors to become members of the National Association of Railroad Passengers, and of the rail advocacy group in your area. Funding decisions are increasingly being made on the state level, so it's important to lobby for passenger rail in state legislatures as well as in Washington, DC.

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With the average price of gas expected to top $5 per gallon in the near future, and travelers facing gridlock on the roads and in the skies, the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) has outlined a vision to strengthen America and provide people with more transportation choices. NARP’s proposal will expand and modernize the country’s intercity rail system, helping to reduce both the nation’s carbon emissions and its dependence on oil and facilitating the efficient movement of people and goods.


The black lines show Amtrak's current system. The red lines show a truly-useful, practical, national system that would:

For larger maps and more information, see the NARP web site. Check out the latest discussions on, at the Facebook Page and the LinkedIn Group!